Our Mission

American Jews, as well as those around the world, are facing an existential crisis. Antisemitism, both here and abroad, is on a precipitous rise.

Jews have traditionally been a bulwark of the Democrat Party. For decades, American Jews have consistently supported Democrat candidates. However, that party is undergoing a seismic and alarming change. Accepting, approving and failing to condemn clearly antisemitic comments by Congressional Democrats show the new direction of the Party.

Whether it’s Rep. Omar stating “Israel has hypnotized the world, may Allah awaken the people and help them see the evil doings of Israel”, Speaker Pelosi defending her statements or Rep. Tlaib accusing her colleagues of “forgetting what country they represent” when they defend Israel, the trend is clear. Similarly, their support of the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement (BDS), which couches its clear antisemitic basis as being only “anti-Israel” clearly speaks volumes.

#JEXIT believes that American Jews can no longer blindly vote Democrat.

Our mission is to educate Jews about this dangerous shift in Democrat policy, its voices, its spokespersons and its clear shifting away from support of Israel. Some of the Democrat Party’s elected officials advocate for a one-state solution to the “Palestinian” problem – which to them means NO Israel.

Others, including the two leading Presidential candidates for the 2020 election, still advocate for a program of Israel’s surrendering territories as a predicate for a “two- state solution”. This is despite decades of Palestinian refusal and in defiance of the clear mandate of Israel’s elections and policies. #JEXIT can no longer believe the current Democrat Party has a vision for Israel’s future.

#JEXIT believes the Democrat Party has turned its back on Israel.


#JEXIT cannot be complicit in this dangerous trend. We must open our eyes to the truth – Israel’s very existence depends on us. It is time we come together to defend and support Israel, and that can only be accomplished through #JEXIT – Jews leaving the Democrat Party. Together we are stronger!