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HEADLINE: Daniella Bloom Welcomed as West Coast-East Coast Ambassador to the JEXIT Team ABSTRACT: The JEXIT organization (Jews Exiting the Democratic Party) is bringing Psychotherapist, Best Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, and “Awake Mamma” aboard to expand their reach from coast to coast on what fundamentally still unites us as Americans with core JudeoChristian values. THE FIT: A former Democrat born to an Israeli father and American Jewish mother, Bloom believes that our relationships are falling apart on a micro level in similar ways the nation and the Jewish people are splintering at the national level. Bloom has long been a passionate advocate for JEXIT’s core organizational priorities: She unapologetically advocates for an appreciation of our God Given freedoms, a return to Judeo-Christian values, the importance of accountability, and a stand for Israel. Bloom believes in the urgency of Americans to not take these inherent freedoms for granted in an over polarized socio-political environment that has rapidly depreciated them. FROM MICRO TO MACRO: Daniella, recognized as one of Today Premiere Relationship Authorities, is a candid, comedic, and no-nonsense therapist and speaker who brings authentic insight and wisdom to dating and modern-day marriage. “Increased accountability amongst Americans begins first with our own relationships, Bloom underscores. She has broadened her message now to include today’s headlines and current affairs in order to inspire free thinking, clarity and action steps to her audiences. BLOOM”S CALLING: Bloom is a regular guest on television, news, radio and on stage to share from this unique perspective. She will be appealing to a brand new audience of Jewish and Non-Jewish young professionals and parents who have become conservative minded later in life. Here on the West coast, Daniella will be working with a great team of like-minded collaborators on unifying programs and events large and small. She will continue to empower American Allies, critical thinkers, and the “conservative curious.” In a world of growing conformity. Daniella believes it is essential to stand for knowledge, faith, freedom and family, without fear. TRANSCENDING POLITICS: On her core beliefs, Daniella says: “I stand for where the light shines: I believe we must focus on what we want more of in this world, instead of what we don’t.” “I am thrilled to be on the JEXIT team. It brings all my passions together in one place!” For more information email ####

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