The Spiritual Battle for America

The Spiritual Battle For America

About this Event:

Come join #JEXIT for an evening of inspirational speakers who will help arm you to fight for America’s spiritual soul!

Our country is now at a crossroads in more ways in one, but at most, we are at a spiritual crossroads.

Come join us for an online event to activate all G-d fearing Americans as we battle for the spiritual soul of our country as we fight for the freedom of religion, freedom of speech, and freedom to be the America G-d intended!

Your hostesses for the evening will be MICHELLE LUBIN TERRIS, #JEXIT’s Founder and President, and MARIE FISCHER, #JEXIT’s Community Liaison.

Come join us for a stellar lineup that will equip you to fight this battle of good versus evil.

DR CHARLES JACOBS – Americans for Peace and Tolerance and American Anti-Slavery Group

PASTOR ARNOLD CULBREATH – Douglass Leadership Institute

LAURIE CARDOZA MOORE – President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nations

RABBI YAAKOV MENKEN – Director of Coalition of Jewish Values

LAUREN ISAACS – National Director of Herut Canada

SIGGY FLICKER – Celebrity and #JEXIT National Spokeswoman

LT STEVEN L ROGERS – President of Campaign for America

GRACE GLASS – BLEXIT Regional Director of the Northeast

JULIUS JACKSON – Executive VP Alliance of Blacks & Jews

LINDA SADACKA – President of MOMS (Moms on a Mitzvah) and Social Media Influencer.

DR TONY CAMPBELL – 2nd Vice-Chair of the Maryland Republican Party and 2018 Republican candidate for Senate.

TOM TRENTO – Executive Director of The United West

and more to be announced!!!!!

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