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There was a time when you might have prayed, “May my daughter never grow up to be a star on the reality TV show ‘Real Housewives.’” Now you can change that prayer to, “Should my daughter grow up to be a star on ‘Real Housewives,’ may she be like Siggy Flicker.”  

In a dreamlike turn of events brought to us by that endless conjurer of unsettling surprises, Siggy Flicker, a former cast member on “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” emerged as a champion of Holocaust education, a vocal resistor against Anti-Semitism & a huge supporter of President Donald J Trump.

Siggy Flicker is an Israeli-born TV Personality, Author, Motivational Speaker & the proud spokesperson for #JEXIT [Jews exiting the Democrat Party] JEXIT is not just an organization, it’s a movement led by modern day Esther’s who work diligently to preserve and restore our Judeo-Christian principles America was founded upon, by mobilizing Jews and Christians to ‘Vote Biblically & not Politically’ to Save America.

Siggy Flicker is a recognized speaker around the world who captivates audiences with her energy, authenticity, humor, passion and conviction which has contributed to her success as a major influencer for the MAGA Movement! She is an international influencer, recognized worldwide from her own national dating TV show on VH1 (Why Am I Still Single), an author (Write Your Own Fairytale) and as a former cast mate who spent 2 seasons on Real Housewives of NJ. In 2016, after publicly announcing her support for President Trump, the entertainment industry targeted her with a vengeance! Selective editing, false narratives and fake storylines were the tactics they used to bully her.  She didn’t care or cave in and continues to proudly support President Trump.


She JEXITED the Democrat Party in 2016 to vote for President Trump and is proud to be part of the JEXIT movement to RESTORE AND PRESERVE the Judeo - Christian principles that this country was founded upon. Siggy’s unique  #KnowYourWorth message extends beyond the personal to the national. She is simply a breath of fresh air and a bright, shining beacon of light.

#JEXIT stands firmly, unequivocally and unapologetically with the Jewish Nation and People of ISRAEL! After suffering the 10/7 brutal massacre of historic proportions the time for Never Again has never been more critical to the future of Israel, the USA and the entire free world. Hamas must be destroyed and Iran and the rest of its evil proxies including Hezbollah and Palestinian Islamic Jihad must be confronted head on. The days of appeasement and pandering must come to an end and the Biden administration must stop with the clearly failed narrative of a two state solution!

We also need to close our borders immediately and not bring in any more illegal aliens or refugees from enemy combatant nations or territories. Finally the time to #JEXIT the Democrat Party has never been more evident and we hope to welcome many more of our Jewish brothers and sisters who are finally seeing the light.

Am Yisrael Chai!!!

While there are many good organizations to choose for donations, at this point #JEXIT is highlighting Friends of The Israel Defense Forces (FIDF) with a charity score of 98% as a good place to start. See link below for your contributions:

JEXIT Is Dedicated To The Following Issues....

1) Encouraging Jewish Americans To EXIT The Democrat Party

2) Stopping Antisemitism

3) Furthering Education On Jewish Issues

4) Standing With Israel


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