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A Very Important Message From Siggy Flicker

"President Trump signed up to SAVE THE REPUBLIC, DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION and Make America Great Again! He did not sign up for a reality TV show!

When Donald John Trump was President, we were energy independent, inflation was less than 2 percent, the economy was booming, unemployment was at an all time low, gas was under 2 dollars a gallon, no threat of war and we had the most secure border in history. Since Biden took office, millions of illegal aliens have invaded the USA. The Cartels are back in control of our borders and we are being infiltrated by human traffickers, gang members and fentanyl that they are now disguising as rainbow candy and there is enough of it coming in to kill every American citizen. Meanwhile the illegals who are coming from other countries are being exploited and too many are dying on the way here while being raped and abused.

WE MUST DEFEND THE BORDER because we all know that - A nation without a border is a nation without sovereignty. " ..... (see video for complete message)

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