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Defend the Border & Save Lives!

JEXIT and The United West are collaborating with Tom Homan, Director of ICE under president Trump, in order to shine the light on the catastrophe unfolding at the border. The Fake News won't report on it, the Swamp won't tell you, but we're here to show the World what's really going on. We have launched a two year campaign of fundraising for the production of a series and a movie based Tom Homan's Book, "Defend the Border & Save Lives". We opened our campaign with a successful fundraiser at Mar-a-Lago, where president Donald J. Trump and Tom Homan both spoke about this urgent issue which is crucial to the survival of our nation, of our Judeo-Christian values as well as the safety of our people and of those victims being trafficked. We will keep you updated on this project meant to help conservatives win the 2022 & 2024 elections. For donations please go to:

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Apr 22, 2022

good job!

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