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March 14th, 2023

Throughout history good people have shown the character and courage necessary to overturn tyrannical, demonic forces. In our recent human history we have witnessed the highjacking of America by seemingly overwhelming powers of darkness, hiding under the mask of “ Human Rights”. Well meaning, naive and idealistic people have fallen for false narratives and become so indoctrinated, so brainwashed as to forego not only the ancestral spiritual traditions and Judeo-Christian values which are the bedrock of our society, but also the most basic common sense and survival instincts bestowed upon the upright walking Human Being. Mesmerized by projected unrealistic ideals of perfectly executed Marxism and the unconditional acceptance of human dysfunction, well meaning yet shallow thinkers have allowed the cancerous spread of systemic woke ideology without seeing the true revolting face of this model of thinking. Going against this emerging culture of tyrannical proportions delivered immediate, ruthless and coordinated retaliations, cancellations, firings and persecution. Those first pioneers who dared question the insanity being perpetrated at all levels of society, found themselves persecuted relentlessly by the leftist machine grinding at an alarming pace the foundation of our culture. Among these heroes are the parents who stood up for their parental rights as well as the sanity and safety of their children.

Patience is a virtue while the Truth gains traction. Today we see the Woke Narrative collapsing because a few good people had the guts to take on the establishment and push back against what the majority of humanity considers an abominable system of lies and oppression. JEXIT is proud to be part of the solution as we unite and join forces with organizations with whom we share values and a true love of our country and our civilization. The extreme left will fabricate lies, change definitions and hurl degrading lies at those patriots who are exposing the ugly underbelly of the leftist crumbling structure. They will lie and call us racists, bigots, white supremacists and homophobes despite the fact that we are an eclectic group of Americans from all ethnicities, all walks of life and all persuasions. We share the common belief that our children need to learn math, grammar, history and real science, not racist CRT and adult sexual topics. Join us, join our fight! You are not alone!

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