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For Immediate Release

Weston, October 18th, 2022

JEXIT, inc

In response to President Trump’s recent comments on Truth Social, JEXIT strongly stands with President Trump!

JEXIT believes American Jews should no longer blindly vote for the Democrat party, a Party that has abandoned Israel.

Today, the Democrat party, no longer the Party of JFK, is so left-leaning that issues deemed

bi-partisan just ten years ago are labeled as bigoted, racist, homophobic or some other irrational criticism.

From actively attempting to defund Israel’s Iron Dome, to perpetual victimhood, gender pronoun obsession, abortion until birth, and every other progressive platform across the spectrum, the intersectional coalition of leftist extremism has made Democrats a much different party than it was twenty years ago, and unrecognizable to what it was fifty or sixty years ago. Ironically, the Democrat Party remains the racist party it has always been from the beginning.

Many older Jews vote for socialist/leftist policies because of a historic reliance on the provision of the “state,” and the centuries of abuses Jews experienced at the hands of European Christianity. Sadly, most socialist/progressive American Jews do not realize that now, conservative Christians worldwide are principled allies of Jewish people! Clearly, the radical, Marxist, intellectual elites may tickle the ears of Jewish people, but the left are not our friends.

It is very important to note that ideologically, the Torah is much more in line with conservative values than Marxist principles.

Siggy Flicker, JEXIT’s National Spokeswoman, is an Israeli born, legal US immigrant who has been speaking about President Trump’s love for Israel since 2016. Siggy sums up the JEXIT position when she says, “THANK YOU President Trump for speaking the truth!”

President Trump is right: It’s time for the American Jewish community to wake up, embrace their faith a bit more, and in doing so, reject the false perspectives touted by the modern American left and join the millions of Jews who are coming to realize that conservative values are indeed Jewish values!

For several years, JEXIT has been working with many conservative Christian organizations and leaders. Evangelical Protestant and conservative Catholic Christians strongly support President Trump for many reasons but fundamentally, because of his historic and non-compromising support for Israel, America’s number one, national security partner!

On November 1st of this year, #JEXIT along with The United West will be presenting our American Defender of Zion Award, in honor of President Donald J. Trump, for being the greatest friend and ally to Jews and Israel that ever served our nation in the White House!


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1 Comment

Becky Krichevsky
Becky Krichevsky
Oct 18, 2022

Absolutely! Thank you team Jexit!

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