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Press Release For Immediate Distribution Contact:

Fort Lauderdale, Florida, December 2nd, 2022 - JEXIT released the following statement :

We are positively shocked and revolted by the onslaught of hatred recently broadcasted on Alex Jones’ InfoWars show featuring Kanye West and Nick Fuentes. These deranged individuals are on a rampage, determined to spread their message of antisemitism and Holocaust denial, targeting the Jewish community with vile Nazi-style defamation reminiscent of the atrocities committed during WWll. Kanye West’s admiration for Hitler, his erratic behavior and the Jew hatred he is stirring with the help of his partner in crime, Fuentes, represent a real danger to the Jewish community. These marginalized characters are spreading their destructive ideology hiding behind the mask of Free Speech. We ask that our representatives in Congress, our friends, our neighbors and all who aspire to create a freer, more peaceful and prosperous America, join us in our fight against all forms of discrimination, and denounce, renege and send a clear message to these bigots, that using Freedom of Speech to propagate hate is an unacceptable, unsustainable sin against humanity. Our Jewish brothers and sisters deserve the same respect and safety afforded all other citizens of the United States of America. Together We Are Stronger! ###

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