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JEXIT honors Surfside volunteers at the America First Patriots Club event.

The Surfside tragedy motivated many courageous volunteers to get involved and help with the rescue mission. Among them, retired IDF officer "Commander M" and his teenage daughter. The rescue crews and IDF soldiers who flew in from Israel to help with the search and recovery mission worked around the clock, often getting less than 3 hours of sleep between shifts. Many of the survivors escaped with the clothes on their backs. They needed basic toiletries, clothes, shoes and food. Team JEXIT was involved in raising funds to provide basic goods for the survivors, as well as equipment for the Israeli rescue teams. At the America First Patriots Club event this past Tuesday evening, Michelle Terris - founder of JEXIT, presented "Commander M" with a generous donation, to thank him for his efforts and help pay for the repairs on a rescue vehicle which got vandalized at the rescue site.

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