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As a faith based organization advocating for the Judeo-Christian values our country was founded upon, JEXIT proudly stands against the godless lies and judicial abuse we are witnessing unfold against the GOP’s frontrunner presidential candidate, Donald J. Trump.

We stand against the child abuse and medical horrors brought about by gender ideology and pray that our children will be protected and guided away from the Marxist agenda force-fed through the academic institutions which have been infected by the enemies of G-d and Freedom.

JEXIT founder Michelle Terris had the honor of reciting the opening invocation for Club 47 USA, in Palm Beach on August 26th. The event packed a full house and featured Judge Jenine Pirro as the guest speaker. Michelle’s heartfelt prayer and opening statement reached across the spectrum of Judaism and Christianity, bringing a message of unity that Together We Are Stronger and United We Win!

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